saving one person at a time from food additives

I'm here to help!  Take a look!

So you are here, you took the first step!!  You must be very tired of looking for answers to your health problems via today's medical "system". 

Well my friend, I've been there and I know the frustrations.  I encourage you to leave no stone unturned.  The first step for me was to get involved with your local Weston Price chapter! Arm yourself with knowledge!  These health problems we experience today were once non-existent.  Find out how traditional nutrient foods protected indiginous people from chronic disease and how food additives and other adulteration of our food supply is leading to our demise.

Migraine and pain triggers!

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If fragrance makes you sick you're not alone!  Find out the many health hazards of "fragrance"!


Things that make nerves rapid fire.