saving one person at a time from food additives

I was just an average person, eating the SAD (standard American diet), working in the medical field and consuming Pepsi, Taco Bell  and other processed foods daily until I became seriously unwell and no one from our "medical system" could help me no matter what the drug or surgery.

I endured so much suffering with my migraines and other symptoms that I still wake up 3 1/2 years later feeling surprised that I don't hurt anymore.  It was a blessing in disguise.  My life did a 180! I quit the hospital job, stopped eating processed foods particularly ones with excitotoxins.  Started homesteading, homeschooling and working from home!  Life is GREAT!

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​Speaking Events

 December 12-Rotary Club         Bellefontaine Ohio.

 January 20th Simon Kenton      Kenton, OH

 February 7 Women that Lead   Kenton, OH

 February  13th  Weston Price    Harrod, OH

 March 2nd  Library                     Bellecenter OH

 March 11th  The Mixing Bowl   Bellefontaine, OH

 March 25th Author Fair              Marion, OH

 Nov  10-13 Wise Traditions        Minneapolis MN

Life Opportunities

Every day is an opportunity to improve well being.

  • Pick the food with the least amount of ingredients
  • When bringing treats for children refrain from using processed foods. 
  • Support a local farmer, purchase food locally.
  • Go take a walk with someone!
  • Get away from the computer and your phone!