Local Foods

The Mixing Bowl

102 S Main Street
Bellefontaine, Ohio
Call (937) 593-0223


I love this place!  I have tried the steaks, bread and chapstick.  Good stuff!!

Non-Soy Non-GMO feeds, herd share milk and eggs.

Peck N Coop 

10950 Twp Rd 235
Kenton, Ohio  43326


We get our grain and milk here!

Pfeister Farms, LLC

12365 Township Road 205
Kenton, Ohio


saving one person at a time from food additives



Dr. Wayne Feister DO 

 4600 Co Rd 313, Rawson, OH 45881
Phone: (419) 963-2200

Dr Feister is my doctor.  Love him! 

Michelle Simons (Simons Family Chiropractic)

1039 N Main St
Findlay, Ohio
Call (419) 427-2100

I have heard great things about Michelle Simons.  I have not personally met her.

If you have to go to a Hospital- Mary Rutan in Bellefontaine, OH is fragrance free and do not make their employees get a flu shot and have not hassled me about any vaccines.